Role of Environmental Psychology in Improving the Quality of Educational Spaces
Ali Ameli, Fariborz Dolat Abadi & Hadiseh Kamran KasmaieReferences

      The education of younger generation and any effort to help them enter society as persons with the ability, skill, and mental health are among the most important goals that governments are trying to achieve in educational settings. A goal that unfortunately has not been fully achieved in Iran. Since the human excellence and the formation of their personality is dependent on the quality of modern educational environments, attention to the international and regional standards of planning and design of educational environments is very importatnt. In this study, the focus of the research is on how environmental psychology can influence the design of educational spaces;  an environment that can play an effective and fundamental role in improving the quality of  growth in Iran.

design; environment; educational space; psychology.

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Subjects: Engineering 

Language: English

Publisher: Manashahran Institute for Strategic Research

EISSN: 2588-6770



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